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Offensive Security Services

From point in time vulnerability scans, and continuous vulnerability management assessments, to full penetration tests and red team exercises, our offensive security assessments have you covered.

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Illustration representing the different business assets Soteria helps keep secure.
Vulnerability scan

Point In Time Security Assessment Of Assets

A vulnerability scan provides a quick IT security assessment of your external assets, internal assets, or web applications to determine if there are flaws in their design or configuration that negatively impacts their security. Businesses that are actively developing or changing the configurations of their networks or web apps should consider running vulnerability scans before launching major changes or updates to their networks or web apps. If development is outsourced to a third-party, running a vulnerability scan is a good way to check if the product was developed with security in mind.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Scan With Recommendations & Analysis

Vulnerability assessments are vulnerability scans combined with a detailed analysis of the results, including recommendations on how to fix the vulnerabilities and suggested priority for addressing the identified vulnerabilities based on criticality to the organization. With a vulnerability assessment, you will be provided a report that includes the results of the vulnerability scan, the order in which the results should be addressed, and the recommended action that should be taken to address each vulnerability identified.

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penetration test

Discover How Vulnerabilities Can Be Exploited

Penetration tests expand on the work completed in vulnerability assessments and provide additional insight into how the vulnerabilities identified in your network could be exploited. Understand the amount and type of information a hacker could feasibly extract from your business as a result of exploiting the existing vulnerabilities in your network. Receive insight on the true level of risk your web-facing assets are posing to your business, your vendors, and your customers.

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red team

Test Your Security Team's Ability To Identify & Defend Against Attacks

A red team assessment is a goal-based, offensive security engagement utilizing real-world adversary techniques against an organization's people, systems, and infrastructure in order to test the organization's detection and response capabilities. Security experts strategically use stealth attack methods and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to identify and exploit vulnerabilities and security weaknesses as a means of achieving a specific goal or objective. Unlike a traditional penetration test, where security monitoring teams are typically notified beforehand, a red team engagement enables an organization to assess their resilience against attacks from real-world threat actors. The red team model allows for testing the entire security scope of an organization to include people, processes, and technology.

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purple team

Build Your Security Team's Capabilities

In a purple team engagement, Soteria will perform controlled, Red Team actions on specified assets and coordinate with your Blue teams to ensure visibility of the security events. Soteria will propose and develop testing scenarios and desired outcomes, then execute the exercises. The process leading up to the actual tests will include the planning and development of defined tasks designed to effectively promote Blue Team actions and remediation efforts against a security attack, while not disrupting services.

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